Monday, February 18, 2013

Long time no write!

I feel as though I have been dong a poor job of keeping you all informed of what is going on in my life.  Not sure how many people are actually reading what I like to think is a well written account of our life events here in Australia, but I would like to apologize to those of you who have been waiting on the edges of your seats for this next blog... :)
I would like to blame my lack of internet communication on the kitchen!  Boy have I been spending some time in the kitchen.  Ehren and I have been eating very strict Paleo and I have taken it upon myself to make sure his parents and ourselves do not get bored with the food.  I have discovered some unbelievable recipes and grown enormously as a chef... In fact I would say I am now professional! :)
This is a picture of kale and sausage soup with a zucchini muffin (all Paleo and very delicious)!

I have been feeling extraordinary for the last few weeks for the most part (unless I miss a meal or go too long without eating that is), and Ehren's skin has cleared up a lot.  He has a condition called Seborrheic Dermatitis, and has used coal tar shampoo for over 10 years.  This shampoo does work well to control the condition but it is also a carcinogen, which we recently discovered.  In the past, he would be unable to go 2 days with his hair unwashed without have a painful reaction, but he has not used the shampoo in over a week and his skin looks great.  It isn't perfect yet but I think we will try this for 30 days and then see if there is something else in his diet he should look at eliminating.
Ehren has been able to pick up a bit of work and I have been able to get a volunteer position at a nearby CrossFit gym.  It has been a really great experience helping out with the classes and I have been learning loads of new and creative things for teaching CrossFit.  I am especially enjoying working with the CrossFit Kids classes twice a week.  I hadn't realized how much I missed working with kids until I started doing it again.  They are (almost) always a joy and pretty easy to please when doing an exciting activity such as CrossFit.  Ehren has picked up some work from a few people around the area doing hard labor.  He has been a great sport, as he is the only one who can work and get paid.  Most of the work he finds is very short term, and usually involves hauling crap around and cleaning out peoples yards.  He does have a job once a week on Tuesday, where he will be picking and planting vegetables to help an older farming woman named Jean.  She doesn't pay much ($15/hour, which is lowly pay here in the Auz!), but he will be able to keep as many fresh veggies as he likes!  Wow!  That is amazing!  We have just used about 8-10 pounds of fresh, delectable, over-ripe, cherry tomatoes to make a very large quantity of ketchup.  The flavor is unbelievable and there is no sugar, unlike the stuff you get from the store.  Like I said, I have been getting very creative in the kitchen!
We have also been spending a great deal of our time training for the CrossFit sectionals and there have been a few rough workouts for sure.  The humidity here makes a work out experience so ridiculously sweaty that you end up sliding around on equipment and getting large quantities of salt water in your eyes.  Some days we have quite a bit of free time so we head down to the beach for a cooling swim after the heat of the workout.  Last week we decided we needed a swim in the ocean blue and ended up in a little beach city called Byron Bay.  It is an interesting and bustling place and the beaches are pretty packed with people swimming, surfing, tanning, playing, etc.  We stopped at a beach to have lunch and as we were heading into the water, I noticed a women with large and particularly nice breasts lying topless and getting her tan on.  I quietly inquired to Ehren whether or not that was legal as we were on a public beach very close to the road.  And I mean about 15 feet away from a main road.  He answered that he didn't actually know, and we decided that this woman was maybe just a little cuckoo and continued into the water.  Well I must not have been very observant on the way down to the water, because I noticed on the way back up to our towels that there were numerous women with the tops off and lying face up in the sun.  I don't have a problem with nudity but I did find it a bit odd that all these women were so exposed on a beach that was not expressly reserved for nudity.  I don't think that is legal in the states, but maybe I am wrong.  Upon hearing of our experience Ehren's parents informed us that it is quite normal for people to walk around with very little clothing, and the No shirt, No shoes, No service policy does not apply here by any means.  They also told us about a short independent film created about how far you can get in Australia just wearing a pair of underpants.  It is hilarious and I have posted the link to the video below for your viewing pleasure!
(Sorry, but I don't have a picture of all the bare boobies at the beach!)
The weather has been a little crazy lately.  There were a few days of downpour and then a few more days of massive flooding.  The river in town was 10 meters higher, which is more than 30 feet.  There were parking lots, buildings, cars, and many other things swallowed by the water and not far from here there were houses and towns that were completely devastated by the flooding.  I have included a few pictures of the town Lismore near Ehren's parents.  Look closely and you will see a car under water and pay close attention to the water level on the buildings as it has engulfed the first floor.

I would also like to share this video to share with you the very natural music we are treated with quite often during out work outs.  We are literally not able to turn the music up high enough to be audible in these situations!

Anyway, I feel as though that is enough insight into our lives for you to read in one sitting, possibly multiple sittings, and I will leave you here.
Love you all and missing you more everyday.  Can't wait to be back in the states to visit.
Love Lindsay

P.S.  Thought I would share some wildlife photos as well...

Bandy Bandy Snake!  Very rare to see one as they
only come out at night after big floods.

Little guy greeting us outside the
bathroom door!