Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A World of Difference!

Today I thought I would talk about the things that I find overwhelmingly different from the U.S.  I was sadly inspired to write this by a CrossFit topic so don't judge...
First off everyone knows things are more expensive in Australia.  Let's consider gas: $1.46... Per LITRE!  That would be a grand total of $5.81 per gallon.  Outrageous right!  I thought we had it bad with $3.something!  An ordinary non-organic avocado ranges from $3.50-$4.00.  A dozen caged, non-organic, antibiotic/hormone eggs is $3.00 and the organic eggs range from $6.00-$11.00 per dozen, depending on the brand and whether or not they are cage free.  Who knew you could pay almost a dollar per egg!  And don't even get me started on fresh organic fruits and veg!  I hope my copious use of exclamation marks describes my feelings on these matters.
Also, berries are very hard to come by.  Apparently the scorching sun and small amount of ozone to not shine kindly on them.  Kale is nearly unheard of here.  The only place I have been able to locate it is a small local produce shop in the town 20 minutes away from Ehren's house.
Driving on the left side of the road has taken some getting used to, and I am proud to say I have not mistakingly turned the windshield wipers instead of the blinker in quite a few weeks.  But the next difference makes driving even more tedious than the larger and more obvious side change.  The highway is small and teeming with potholes.  And not the little ones that you drive over with a small amount of worry in the back of your mind; but the very big ones that mutilate your car at high speeds.  The reason for the awful highway (notice the lack of the plural "highways" because there is only one, and it is simply enough called Highway 1) is the fact that the road must circumnavigate all of Australia (which is about 9,000 miles long) and the population is about only 22.5 million.  Australia's Highway 1 is the longest national highway and it must connect the populations of each major city to one another, even though there is virtually nothing in the vast majority of the country between.
The next thing that really sticks out is the fact that there is very little language control on the TV or the radio.  Curse words are quite allowed, although they do give naughty language warnings prior to a dirty song.
And last but not least, I competed in a weightlifting competition for CrossFit-ers a few weeks ago.  There was food sold at the event and to my surprise, this nourishment included bread.  Now, I feel like I have seen my share of CrossFit events in the last year and the grain filled meals were very unexpected.  I voiced my astonishment to my fellow competitors and was told that most of the events were like this and that Paleo was not the end all diet for CrossFit-ers in Australia.  I wonder if the Aussie's will ever get Paleo Crazy...

Anyway, I just had to make sure you had a clear picture of those things.  Ehren and I are keeping busy with working out, helping around the house, and finding odd jobs that pay in cash.  The only one we have found is for Ehren's cousin and involves power washing and painting the outside of their rental house.  We are hoping to buy a car soon to make it easier to get around to all the exciting places we would like to see.
I am in the process of doing an eating challenge call The Whole 30.  The idea is that you only eat whole, unprocessed foods for 30 day.  This would mean cutting out dairy, legumes, grains, and most of all SUGAR.    I have been eating this way pretty faithfully for the last few months (with the exception of the holidays) but I thought I should make a real commitment to this challenge.  At the end of the 30 days, you are meant to slowly introduce the things you removed from your diet and track how they effect you.  It is an interesting sort of challenge and if anyone is interested they should search it online and try it out.
Well got to go, as we are preparing dinner and my kitchen expertise is needed :)
Miss you all!
Love Lindsay

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  1. Lindsay manages to hit every pot hole in the road when she is driving.