Sunday, December 2, 2012

Trouble with flashing lights

Australian vocabulary of the day...
Good onya mate:  Good job or well done

Today I drove a car in Australia for the 1st time...  I backed it out of the driveway.  At the moment, that is all I am comfortable with.  We should be able to go out with Ehren's dad in the next few days and work on our driving.  The car is a manual and of course that means you have to use your left hand to shift gears, which also means you have to use your right hand to put your blinker on.  This driving thing gets weirder by the second...

Australian vocabulary of the day...
This arvo:  This afterrnoon

Today I drove into town and boy was it an adventure.  I turned the windshield wipers on about 34 times thinking that it was the blinker.  Even when I remembered to use my right hand for the blinker about 0.5 seconds later I would reach up with my left hand and turn the wipers on.  Who knew these small seemingly insignificant actions were engraved so deeply in our brains.  Once I got onto the road I felt a lot more comfortable than I thought I possible but the endless roundabouts are something to get used to.  Ehren seems content with me learning how to drive and acting as his personal chauffeur.  We will see how that works out for him.  :)

We are trying to learn to drive quickly so we don't have to depend on Ehren's parents to take us everywhere.  Especially to go work out.  It seems we will have to be doing a bit of driving to get to a Crossfit gym.  We stopped by 2 gyms today, one about 45 minutes away and one about 20 minutes away.  The one that is closer is pretty new with a meager amount of clientele and equipment.  I spoke with the owner there about starting some morning classes for him a few times a week in exchange for Ehren and my gym fees.  As I am unable to get a real job that makes real money, I may as well get some experience in the areas I would possibly like to work in.  The gym that is 45 minutes away is much better equipped for our needs so we will hopefully be able to get out there a few times a week.

Other than that, we are doing minuscule amounts of work and much more substantial amounts of relaxing and helping out around the house.  We are hoping to get a few business ideas worked out while we have so much spare time.

One last little shout out...  Some of the girls I was coaching this summer had their first competition this weekend and they did very well so congrats!!!

On that note, hope everyone had a lovely weekend.

Love Lindsay

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